Microsites deliver immediate results

A microsite is an individual web page or a small cluster (around 1 to 7) of pages which are meant to function as a discreet entity within an existing website or to complement an offline activity. The microsite’s main landing page most likely has its own domain name or subdomain. Large, corporate websites tend to be too big and overwhelming, whereas microsites are easy to navigate and provide highly dedicated content that increase the conversion rate considerably.

Response rates for direct mail with links to microsites are up to 5 percent, versus typical industry averages of 2 percent to 3 percent. Additionally, site visitors who visit a microsite tend to stay engaged longer and have higher conversion rates. Some of the mircrosite campaigns PrintComm has conducted for its customers have resulted in conversion rates of 60% or more.

Besides conversions, microsites offer marketers the opportunity to gather important information about their customers. The more marketers know about customers, the more they can deliver messaging that causes them to act. Therefore, microsite data can be fed directly into a customer relationship management (CRM) system for future nurturing campaigns. When used hand in hand with PURLs (personalized URLs), microsites can generate even greater conversion rates and deliver additional customer data.

Microsites enable you to . . .

  • Present relevant content to website visitors based on their data characteristics and segmentation principles
  • Use a multi-touch strategy across various media and integrate all activities
  • See who visits your landing page
  • Hand off hot leads to your sales team within minutes of a site visit
  • Score leads and prioritize follow-up efforts
  • Drive the cost per lead way down
  • Use hard data to measure the variables in your campaigns, i.e. list performance and offer effectiveness to refine future marketing efforts

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