New Customer Acquisition Direct Mail Programs That Work

Ongoing customer acquisition programs are essential to balance your customer attrition rate. Without new customers, you may find your business or organization stuck or taking losses. Direct mail is still one of the lowest cost lead generation tools and PrintComm makes it easy with our new customer acquisition direct mail programs.

The reason why many folks are bias toward direct mail programs is their previous experience with them. Just like ranking on page one of Google, there is a specific algorithm that needs to take place to make your campaigns effective and efficient.

This is where PrintComm can help you. We have several programs that are:
User Friendly – We can teach anyone how to use our programs
Easy – We have streamlined the process so campaigns can happen with just a few clicks
Analytics Provided – We set up automatic metrics so you can measure and understand your ROI
On Schedule – We have the right steps in place to ensure materials are sent at the right time
Optional Services – Customer Profile Modeling, design, copywriting and so much more
One thing we do want to mention is there needs to be a balance between acquiring new customers and retaining current customers. Always make sure to have customer retention programs running, along with your new customer acquisition programs, to receive the best results and growth.
We Can Help You With:
Re-branding or brand revitalization Static and Variable Direct Mail
Brochures Catalogs
Print-On-Demand Sites Microsite Marketing
Publications Advertising
Retail Marketing Trade-Show Graphics
Effective & Efficient Direct Mail, Print & Integrated Media