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  • Are you looking for ways to nurture your leads until they’re sales ready?
  • Do you need winning strategies to keep your customers loyal?
  • Would executing a multi-channel marketing automation process increase your campaign responses and ROI?
  • Have you been searching for marketing programs that can handle the hundreds of franchisee or dealer locations you manage?
  • Could direct marketing automation increase your sales or leads?

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Our marketing automation programs will help you:
• Convert more leads with automated drip campaigns that integrate logic based on the leads’ actions
• Stay in touch with your prospects while they are in their decision-making cycle
Most marketers recognize that prospects who visit a trade show booth, attend an event or visit a website may not be ready to buy. The more expensive the product or service, the more complex their decision-making process will be and will likely result in a longer timeframe. Their customer journey may include things like performing research, visiting booths, checking references and reviews, trials and demos, receiving proposals and potentially more steps.

In spite of this knowledge, many companies take the “leads” that come in from these channels and pass them off to their dealers, distributors or sales team so they can follow up with them. Applying sales pressure before the prospect is “sales-ready” can actually produce worse results than doing nothing at all.

Companies that successfully convert these leads do so by leveraging data into an automated process that communicates with the prospect over time, at their own pace. This calculated process can actually move them through the decision process until that lead is ready to buy before being turned over to your sales team to close the deal.

PrintComm can help you create direct marketing automation sequences that will help you stay top of mind, position your company as a viable alternative, and provide opportunities for prospects to engage with your brand.

Integrated marketing automation nurturing programs for trade show leads and website visitors can include automated email, direct mail, and social channels with appropriate landing pages. In today’s marketing approach, you need to have multi-channel campaigns ready and cannot rely on just one communication method.

It’s challenging to find the right fit when you’re researching marketing automation companies, we know there are a lot of us out there. However, PrintComm is unique when compared to others because of our wide range of capabilities and services.

Here’s a few reasons why our clients selected PrintComm:

  • They wanted someone experienced in their industry and who could easily understand their customers or buyer’s cycle
  • They wanted someone with a proven track record, along with analytics and proof to back up that previous client campaigns were successful
  • They wanted to find a team who could do it all themselves and be an outsourced partner
  • They wanted to find someone who could execute multi-channel campaigns from one location to be a one-stop shop
  • They wanted a team who could not only help them, but offer new and ongoing ideas to increase customer growth and retention efforts
If you have specific criteria you’re looking for while researching marketing automation companies, we would love to chat with you. We are confident that once we have a conversation with you (so we can understand your business objectives and goals) we can create a custom plan to help you achieve the results your team wants.

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