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Stay in Touch with Your Prospects While They Are in Their Decision-Making Cycle

Most marketers recognize that prospects who visit a trade show booth, attend an event or visit a website may not be ready to buy. The more expensive the product or service, the more complex their decision-making process will be and the more protracted the time frame. The customer’s funnel may include things like performing research, visiting booths, checking references and reviews, trials and demos, receiving proposals and more.

In spite of this knowledge, many companies take the “leads” that come in from these channels and pass them off to dealers, distributors or sales for follow-up. Applying sales pressure before the prospect is “sales ready” can actually produce worse results than doing nothing at all.

Enlightened marketers see the need to leverage this lead data to communicate with the prospect and actually move them through the funnel until such time that the prospect is “ready to buy.”

PrintComm can help you create automated marketing programs that will help you stay top of mind, position your company as a viable alternative and provide opportunities for prospects to engage.

Nurturing programs for trade show leads, and website visitors can include automated email, direct mail, and social with appropriate landing pages.

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