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There’s nothing more disappointing than spending time and money on an event that very few people attend. Events are a big undertaking that have the potential to yield significant ROI, but left with limited resources, many event promoters spend more time and energy organizing the event and very little effort promoting it — or worse yet, the promotional tactics they do employ don’t work.

Here are ways Marketing Impact/PrintComm helps its customers get people to their events:

1). Promote Attendance with targeted direct mail — Studies show that even in this electronic age, direct mail gets noticed. If you create an eye-catching direct mail piece and take it a step further by personalizing it with a consumer’s name or personalized URL (PURL), you can be assured that consumers pay attention.

2). Pre-register people on microsites accessed via PURLs — Create a microsite with a default landing page that is accessed via purl along with a guest version of that page for people who find their way to site virally, from the web or some other media. Utilizing creative from your direct mail campaign, you can create a consistent look for your campaign that provides consumers with all the information they need about the event. What you’ll receive is instant data that provides statistics about who’s visiting your site and what they’re doing on it, which you can use for future CRM efforts.

3). Provide mobile access via QR Codes —QR codeson a direct mail piece or advertisementare a great way to get attention and pique interest.A mobile optimized site is designed to view easily and load quickly on a mobile device as well as pre-populate the registrants’ information on the survey page. The system detects the mobile browser and serves up the appropriate version, making the process easy and seamless for the registrant.

4). Utilize appointment setting systems so that you don’t overbook — An appointment site used as a standalone or hand in hand with a call center is a great way to make sure your customers will be able to have access to resources when they arrive.

5). Integrate social media marketing — Let your customers help you market your event by embedding social media share links like Facebook and Twitter in the thank-you page of the pre-registration site and/or thank-you e-mail.  At the end of the campaign, you’ll not only know who shared your event, but you’ll be able to see how many people signed up for your event as a result.

6). Reach out through retargeting — With a good retargeting campaign, you can stay engaged with unconverted prospects after they’ve left your site. When prospects leave your site and browse the Internet, your ads will display on other sites they visit, keeping your website in their peripheral vision and top of mind.Many clients see incremental conversion lift from 2.5 to 10%after starting retargeting campaigns.

7). Pre-event email to optimize show-up rates and Post-event lead nurturing via direct mail and email to move prospects through the funnel. Here are some examples of the types of emails that have been proven to be effective:

  • Eblast invitation sent 1-2 weeks before an event
  • Confirmation eblasts sent to pre-registrants 3-7 days before an event with directions and instructions
  • Post-event emails to attendees thanking them for attending, presenting offers and other opportunities to purchase or engage
  • Outreach to registrants who don’t attend reinviting them to another event or opportunity to learn more

8). Sweepstakes sites, contest sites, waiver systems and survey systems to gather lead information on event attendees – Gathering good data can help you score prospects, facilitate relevant, ongoing dialogue with prospects, compute event ROI, enrich CRM data and more. Our team can create microsites, survey systems, data integration and reporting/analysis to ensure that your event marketing efforts work.

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