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The Printing Quality Control Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and managing the quality control processes within PrintComm. This role is crucial to ensuring that the final printed products meet specified quality standards and customer requirements.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Quality Control Processes:
    • Continue the development and implementation of quality control procedures and processes throughout the printing process.
    • Monitor and evaluate all stages of the printing process to identify potential issues or defects.
  2. Inspection and Testing:
    • Conduct regular inspections of printed materials to ensure they meet established quality standards.
    • Perform various tests, such as color accuracy, print resolution, UV coating and cutting, to assess product quality.
  3. Documentation:
    • Maintain detailed records of quality control tests, inspections, and findings.
    • Generate reports on quality performance and communicate results to PrintComm Leaders.
  4. Training and Supervision:
    • Provide ongoing guidance to production teams on quality standards and best practices.
  5. Problem Resolution:
    • Identify and analyze root causes of quality issues and collaborate with relevant departments to implement corrective actions.
    • Implement preventive measures to avoid recurring quality issues.
  6. Collaboration with Other Departments:
    • Work closely with production, design, and pre-press teams to address quality concerns and optimize processes.
    • Collaborate with suppliers to ensure the quality of raw materials used in the printing process.
  7. Continuous Improvement:
    • Drive continuous improvement initiatives to enhance overall printing quality and efficiency.
    • Stay updated on industry trends, technologies, and best practices related to printing quality control.
  8. Customer Satisfaction:
    • Monitor customer feedback related to print quality and take corrective actions to address customer concerns.
    • Collaborate with customer service teams to address quality-related inquiries or complaints.
  9. Compliance:
    • Ensure that the printing facility complies with relevant quality standards, regulations, and industry certifications such as FSC and SFI.
  10. Equipment Maintenance:
    • Collaborate with maintenance to ensure that printing equipment is properly maintained to optimize quality and performance.
  11. Data Analysis:
    • Utilize statistical tools and data analysis techniques to assess and improve the efficiency of quality control processes.


  • A minimum of 5 years in a quality control environment. 
  • Lean certification is a plus.
  • Intimate knowledge of printing and mailing equipment. 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Sharp production focuses with a drive for accurate results. 
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. 
  • Strong knowledge of Office applications, especially Excel.