Before You Personalize Your Marketing, Do This!

Want to rock the results of your next marketing campaign? Define your segments and clean your data before you personalize! What do we mean by that? We mean understanding what your customers look like as demographic or psychographic groups before you send targeted mailings or personalized mail pieces.

Let’s take age as an example. Each age demographic tends to have different priorities and differing responses to different types of messaging. You might find that your customer base looks like this:

  • 18-34 years old (38%)
  • 35-49 years old (30%)
  • 50-64 years old (18%)
  • 65+ years old (14%)

If you’ve never profiled your customers by age, these numbers might surprise you. Did you know that your customers are heavily skewed toward the younger demographics? Could you increase the purchases from the older audiences by crafting your messaging differently? Should you use a different channel mix for each segment? Segmenting your audience gives you critical insight to use in developing your campaigns.

Likewise, consumers behave differently based on where they live. Consumer attitudes in New Hampshire will vary considerably from those in the South.

Look at other characteristics, as well. Where do your customers prefer to shop (brick-and-mortar store or online)? What marketing channels do they respond to (direct mail, e-mail or text messaging)?

Once you understand the profile of your customer base, you can compare these profiles against well-known demographic and psychographic patterns to anticipate what types of messaging are most likely to resonate and get the best results.

Need help with defining your customers? We’re here to help you with your data!

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