Direct Mail: 3 Reasons To Use It That You Don’t Know!

3 Reasons to Use Direct Mail That You May Not Know

There’s lots of reasons to use direct mail, but do you know these three statistics that prove the value of direct mail marketing? See why you should start using this marketing tactic in your sales strategies today!

It has a higher value in persuasion.

According to a recent study by Canada Post and True Impact Marketing, [1] direct mail generates a motivation score that is 20% higher than digital media.  The study found this score to be even higher when direct mail creative uses print enhancements. For example, special coatings, dimensionality, and print-to-mobile technologies.

It’s easier to understand.

A wide variety of studies confirm that information provided in print is easier for people to understand and process than information provided in digital form. Additionally, a True Impact study found direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort. That means your message is absorbed fast and effectively. That’s a huge win for marketers.

It results in higher brand recall.

Direct mail easier to process, but it’s also more likely to be retained. True Impact found that brand recall was 70% higher among participants who were exposed to mail ads rather than to digital ones. Brand recall means recipients correctly retrieve your brand in their memory. An example of successful brand recall includes Apple’s iconic apple logo.


There are many benefits while using direct marketing tactics, including lower cost per lead acquisition and the opportunity to engage your non-active digital customers. Smart marketing strategies integrate digital marketing, with direct marketing touch points, throughout their customers’ journeys. Need more reasons to see why these tactics work? Call PrintComm at 810-269-7686 to learn more or to have us help you generate ideas.


Source: [1] “A Bias for Action” (Canada Post and True Impact Marketing, July 2015)

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