How Variable Data Print Increases Your Campaign Response Rates

Do you send out the same message to every person that receives your direct mail?

While you might get a few responses from your campaign, you won’t see nearly the ROI than you would if you harnessed your customer data and plugged it into your direct mail for a personalized message.

Most retail companies have a good centralized CRM system driving their business.  That’s the key to driving highly personalized marketing. A centralized CRM system will be able to tell you what each of your customers are interested in and how often they purchase. Variable data print takes this valuable information and turns it into buyer action.

Variable data print is so much more than personalizing someone’s name or title to a piece of mail. Instead, it allows you to tailor your message, artwork, and offers based on each individual person to deliver you the best response rate possible. It also allows you the flexibility to do things like print a customized map from each person’s home to the nearest store location or print the hours and address of the store that is closest to each customer, even if it is a nationwide mailing.

One great example of a company who is harnessing the power of variable data print is a national real estate service company. They are in many different markets across the country that deliver different messages, different offers, and cater to different cliental.  You wouldn’t send the same postcard to someone in Arizona that you would in Maine. There is not a lot of snow plowing going on in Phoenix, so they want to make sure they’re hitting the right people with right service offering. 

Rather than developing many different versions of the creative in each market, they utilize variable data print so one data file with each prospect’s information can print a personalized direct mail piece with images, offers, and messaging that pertains to their area. Not only do they save significant money by doing a large campaign instead of many smaller ones, but they also have a much higher responses rate on their mail pieces by creating a compelling offer and piece that speaks to each customer.

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