Top Trends in the New Movers Market

When people move into a new area, they have many needs and will be establishing new shopping behaviors and relationships. They shop in new stores. They eat at new restaurants. They need lawn and home security services, groceries, pet products, and home furnishings. No wonder new movers are a highly sought after target audience.

What are the main direct mail strategies of companies targeting this market? According to Mintel Comperemedia’s “Marketing to Movers”, new movers are focusing on six things: accessibility, customer service, ease of enrollment, trustworthiness, one stop shopping, and better deals. Let’s look at how these play out in the top market verticals.

Banking and Credit Cards

Banks assure new movers of friendly customer service, convenient neighborhood locations, no cost banking, and secure access to online and mobile banking services. They are using lines like, “We’re in your neighborhood” and “Features that fit your life.”

Even though consumers rave about the ability to bank from their mobile devices, the primary reason most people choose one bank (or credit provider) over another is having a branch nearby.


For the insurance market, it’s all about the personal connection. Insurance companies send personalized letters positioned as invitations from individual agents. Campaigns promote local office locations and the ability of new movers to get free quotes via their mobile devices.

Mintel found that 52% of respondents would switch insurance companies if they could find one that is less expensive. Consequently, insurers offer heavy promotional periods and discounts.

Insurance companies are seeking to engage new movers through both physical mail and digital channels. Geico, for example, added a QR Code to its direct mailer to enable recipients to get a free rate quote on their phone or tablet.


Retailers are luring new movers by using needs-based and psychological tactics. For example, they are offering free home design services and positioning their stores as one-stop solutions for housewares, seeking to help expedite the process of setting up a new home. Heavy promotions and discounts are being used for sales both in-store and online.

In its direct mail campaign, Ashley HomeStore used personalized mapping to calculate the exact distance from the recipient’s address to the closest Ashley location.


The underlying strategy of home security companies seeking to lure recent movers is to promote significant savings and incentives, while seeking to earn trust. Many are promoting flexible service packages, free installation, and locked-in prices. Most mailers invoke a sense of urgency with limited time “act now” messages.

The new mover marketing is focused on convenience, accessibility, and customization of the experience. Deals and discounts are used alongside heavy customization of the shopping experience to make new movers feel—well, right at home!

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