Maximize Your Event with these 3 Easy Steps

Have an event coming up? In-house seminar? Booth at a trade show? Whatever it is, you want to maximize your investment by ensuring that the people who commit to coming actually show up. These three steps will help you get the highest attendance possible, but you can also see what PrintComm does to help their customers regarding event marketing here.

  1. Promote early teasers.

First and foremost, people mean well, but even if they RSVP’d, they can get distracted and end up doing something else. In the meantime, keep them focused on their visit with you by using pre-event teasers. At the same time, keep them interested and their attendance top of mind by using email or direct mail.

  1. Drip detailed information by mail.

Build interest with more detailed information. If it’s a seminar, mail out a detailed presentation schedule with speaker bios. If it’s a trade show, send full-color brochures of products on display at the show. For example, create an interactive and cross-channel experience by sending them to entertaining and informative videos. You can use QR Codes, augmented reality, or even embedded video screens. Additionally, customize the brochures to that specific event so everything they see in the brochure is relevant to their upcoming experience.

  1. Reward attendance with in-event gifts.

Have something planned to give away once they attend and swing by your booth or personally meet with you? Let them know what is in store for them and what they will miss if they don’t show up. Maybe it’s a custom-printed t-shirt, a personalized book, or a 3D printed model. Ultimately, you need to ensure that it has real value to the recipient and is something they don’t want to miss. However, if you need some corporate gift ideas or inspiration, we have you covered here.

Looking for more ideas for making your event its best? Give PrintComm a call today at 810-239-5763. We’d love to help you with your event marketing and follow-up. We have a proven process that nurtures event leads then converts them into sales-ready leads by using marketing automation.

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