Re-energize Your Mail with These Ideas

Is your target audience tuning out your mailings because you’re sending the same campaign over and over?  Maybe it’s time to mix things up. Here are five ideas to get people responding to your direct mailings again.

1. Change your offer.

Your offers can get stale too. A different offer might work better. So test something different. If you’ve been offering a dollar off discount, try a percentage off or a free trial instead. Try the new offer on a segment so you can see if it works
better. Individualizing offers is a best practice that should be employed.

2. Create urgency.

Time limits are powerful motivators. Consider adding or changing the offer expiration date. Or, use a personalized message on the outside of the envelope (“Ben, offer expires in 5 days!”) or create a piece of art that looks like a rubber-stamped time limit across the top. Time limits also give you an excuse to send a follow-up. “Robert, your offer is set to expire. Respond now!”

3. Increase the use of Personalization.

Can additional personalization be employed to make the messaging, images or offers more relevant. If you employ personas in your CRM, consider how those individual or segment characteristics can be leveraged to speak on a 1:1 basis. Did you know we can print personalized messages on the outside of your envelopes, too?  These are called teasers. “Special Offer Just for Bob Johnson!” or “Suzie, you won’t believe what’s inside!” This is the perfect way to capture their attention before they even open the envelope.

4. Look at timing. 

When an offer arrives has a huge impact on results. If an offer arrives when the customer is in need, it has a much higher likelihood of working. Each customer’s timing is very individualized. More frequent, smaller mailings that utilize data mining techniques can help you improve your results.

5. Consider a package change.

Are you using envelopes now, you might try self-mailers, postcards, or faux Express Mail or Air Mail designs on occasion. If you’re using post cards, increasing size might help you stand out or give you extra real estate for messaging. Something to consider: creative is typically the lowest impactor on results.

Every direct mail campaign needs a refresh now and then. Maybe it’s time to try something new.

Need ideas? Let’s brainstorm together!

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