New Technology Takes Retargeting Offline with Incredible Results

You’ve probably heard of retargeting online where companies use technology called cookies to serve up relevant messaging to someone who has recently visited their website.

What if you could take it one step further and send those same website visitors a targeted direct mail piece within a few days of them visiting your site? It’s now possible to do this offline retargeting with a technology called reverse append.  

How does it work?

Reverse append is taking 1:1 advertising to the next level by taking your website visitors’ IP address and matching it with a physical address. That allows you to send them a targeted direct mail piece to that address within days of them visiting your site. While your competitors are simply retargeting potential customers online with cookies, you will be in front of them in real life after they visit your site. That’s powerful marketing.

Who has used this technology?

A luxury upholstery company utilized this new technology with amazing results. Visitors to the company’s website who placed products in their shopping cart, but did not purchase were targeted. Address matches from visitors who had already purchased or had received a mail piece within the last three weeks were removed from the mailing.


5% of the prospects who received a mailing from the campaign purchased, resulting in a 250% lift in sales over other similar direct mailing campaigns the company had previously done! The people who were previously anonymous prospects were turned into actual customers through the direct mail piece.

Think about how many people anonymously leave your website without ever coming back. Can you imagine what would happen if you used this highly personalized technology on your website?

If you are ready to use this cutting edge technology to remarket to previously highly engaged, yet anonymous prospects, give us a call at 810-239-5763 or contact us online to find out how this form of marketing can work for your business.

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