Upcoming USPS Postage Discounts

If you feel like postage has been increasing often recently, you’re right. USPS has increased rates twice per year in 2022 and 2023, in January and July. However, the post office is trying to ease some of the pain by providing promotional discounts. We like to help our customers qualify for those discounts whenever possible.

Currently a tactile discount is being offered for UV coatings, soft touch coating. etc.  A new set will be starting in August and will deal with tie-ins with emerging technology. This promotion includes two different discount levels:

  1. Up to a 3% discount on pieces that include QR codes, basic voice assistant integration and enhanced augmented reality.
  2. Up to a 4% discount on pieces that include use of informed delivery campaigns, advanced voice assistant integration, video in print, near field communication, mixed reality and virtual reality

These options give you eight different ways to qualify for a discount. Any of these options are a great way to engage your customers through more than one channel and reinforce the value of your direct mail piece.

For all mailings during the months of August through December, USPS is offering a 4% discount on all mail using informed delivery. By pairing an image with your mail campaign through Informed Delivery, you give your audience additional ways to interact with your offer, whether they’re at the mailbox or in their inbox. 30% of all postal service customers use Informed Delivery to view images of the inbound direct mail piece.  This provides you with an additional touchpoint for free.

To qualify for the Informed Delivery promotion, your mailing must meet a number of criteria. The great news is that PrintComm can manage every step for you! This means everything form registering for the promotion to helping you develop your campaign to meet the promotion requirements and submitting your campaign elements for approval and completing the mailing.

Reach out to our team to find out if you qualify for either of these discounts and we will help you get started today!

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