PrintComm Expands: Elevating Production Capacity and Throughput

At PrintComm, we’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our direct mail facility from just over 47,000 square feet to 71,000 square feet. This expansion was made necessary by our extraordinary growth. The new addition provides additional production, staging, and warehouse space. It will enable us to continue to serve the growing needs of our customers.

Enhanced Production Capacity

Central to our expansion is the expansion of our production capacity.  We now have space for additional devices and staging areas to address increasing customer demand. The facility was opened prior to the Q4 retail push and proved to be a real blessing with additional space for work in process staging, outbound mail staging, shipping, and more.

Strategic Inventory Management

In addition to bolstering our production capabilities, our expanded facility provides expanded staging and inventory space. When supply chain disruptions began in the midst of the pandemic, we decided to increase inventory levels to be able to serve the needs of our customers. Our inventory is running about 2x the level that it was at before the pandemic. We were forced to utilize offsite warehouses due to space constraints. The additional space allows us to bring all inventory under our own roof which promotes efficiency.

Introducing Specialized Folding Equipment

One of the most exciting aspects of our expansion is the ability to add more specialized folding equipment. This investment enables us to dedicate devices to specific folding options and alleviates the need to bounce around on set-ups. We now have dedicated devices for various self-mailer types, snap-paks, card tipping, magnet tipping, and A-7 card folding.

Throughout this expansion journey, our goal is to efficiently produce for our customers.

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