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12-18% Direct Mail Response Rate to Customer’s Without Valid Emails

Discover how we helped a national retailer reach their customers without valid email addresses and achieved response rates ranging from 12-18% using direct mail.

3-4.8% EDDM Response Rate and a $7.00 range for Acquisition Costs

Learn how we accomplished an acquisition cost in the $7.00 range for a national retailer franchisor, along with response rates ranging from 3-4.8% using EDDM.

Improve Mailing Address Quality by 15-50% with Data Enhancement

Find out how we helped our retailer client append a physical mailing address to 52% of customers, resulting in a net gain of 940,000 customers with addresses.

Lapsed Customer Program Achieved a 32% Response Rate

See how we helped our client achieve a 32% response rate from a lapsed customer campaign and gain 108,000 new email addresses for ongoing communications.

Variable Data Print Direct Mail

See how we helped a client discover cost effective ways to produce statements, invoices, newsletters and more using variable data print. 


Keys to Gaining Franchisee Opt-In With Your Direct Mail Programs

There are two influencing factors when it comes to franchisees participating in your direct mail programs – find out what they are now!

Critical Factors in Direct Mail Success

For direct mail campaigns to work effectively, you need to understand what factors are critical to ensure high open and response rates. 

Great Direct Mail Starts with Great Data

Data can make or break a direct mail campaign, which is why it’s important to understand how to gather, segment and upkeep your data.

Strategies to Improve Local Area Marketing Efforts

A great resource for franchisors, dealers, agents, or enterprises looking to improve their local area marketing efforts and strategies.

Integrating Direct Mail and the Web to Increase Performance

If you need to increase the performance on your direct mail campaigns, integrating the web is a logical and smart next step.

The Impact of Relevance on Direct Mail Performance

If your direct mail messaging is not relevant to the recipient, you’re throwing money away – see how relevance impacts your performance.