Our past webinars

Best Practices: Using your customer data to improve your direct mail results

Learn how companies are improving their direct mail results through utilizing their customer data.

Bottom Line Improvement through Promo Effectiveness

Learn why companies are taking a hard look at the offers they send people and how slight adjustments in offers are having huge results.

7 Winning Strategies to Acquire New Customers Through Direct Mail

Learn a variety of strategies that you can use based on your business to drive down your acquisition costs while gaining new customers.

High EDDM Response Rates

Learn how EDDM programs work for large brands with hundreds of locations, why it works for them and how to create winning offers in this webinar!

Our Customer Retention Webinar Will Answer These Questions and More:

  • How does improved retention impact lifetime customer value and margins?
  • RFM: How can it help you?
  • What does an effective multi-channel mix look like?
  • Should direct mail be part of your success equation?
  • What kinds of offers should be presented to current customers versus lapsed customers and prospects?

Our New Customer Acquisition Webinar Will Review This and More: 

You’ll learn how to know when direct mail is an appropriate channel to use in your direct marketing strategy, what direct mail mistakes to avoid and reviewing direct mail new customer acquisition approaches that were successful and why.

Our Event Marketing Webinar Will Include Information On:

  • The Business Case for Effective Event Marketing
  • Pre-Show Marketing Tactics to Increase Quality Appointments
  • At The Show: Strategies That Will Encourage Quality Conversations
  • Post-Show Communication Tactics
  • Tactics That Ensure Your Leads Will Be Followed-Up On, Leading to More Conversions
  • Ongoing Nurturing is Necessary for Complex Sales – How Do You Do It?
  • What Is The Role for Sales Versus Marketing in Post-Show Follow-Up?
  • Marketing Automation Workflows That Help Accomplish This

Our Every Door Direct Mail Webinar Will Cover Questions like: 

  • What is EDDM?
  • The Benefits of Using EDDM
  • When Does EDDM Make Sense?
  • EDDM Size Requirements
  • Different Ways EDDM Can Be Executed
  • Best Practices for Picking Routes
  • Postage Rates
  • Assessing The Business Case

Our Direct Mail Analysis Will Provide Insight On Your Current Efforts

To get the most out of this webinar, we highly recommend downloading our Direct Mail Assessment so you can follow along and score your current efforts to see if there’s room for improvement or not.