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5 Direct Marketing Tactics for the Current Environment

All marketers currently find themselves in uncharted waters, however, we are starting to see some successful strategies emerging that B2C companies are using to generate traffic and sales. We discuss how to identify customer segments that are likely to convert into sales, campaigns you can immediately run, and which prospects to target to acquire new customers. Normal buying patterns have been interrupted so we also give you some things to consider when planning your strategies and timing.

Keys to Increasing Franchisee Participation with Your Direct Mail and Marketing Programs

Find out the factors that influence franchisee participation in not only direct mail programs, but all marketing programs. We discuss how direct mail compares to other marketing channels that are available and what companies can do before offering a new program to their franchisees to help get them on board when the program is launched.

How Companies Are Building Trust with New Customers Through Marketing

Trust is a large factor in customer satisfaction in many industries. Lizzie Egan, a Senior Research Analyst specializing in insurance for Mintel Comperemedia, joins us to discuss how insurance companies are building trust with consumers. We cover how different consumer segments differ on trust and transparency, examples of marketing tactics companies are using to build consumer trust, and the data and technology companies are using to craft their messaging.

The Impact of Timing on Direct Marketing Performance

Timing can greatly impact the response and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Learn how to plan the timing of your different marketing campaigns to increase your response rate. We cover different factors that you should consider when planning your marketing including seasonality and buying cycles.

How to Leverage Data and Technology for More Effective Triggered Marketing Campaigns

Find out the types of effective triggered marketing campaigns companies are implementing. We cover different examples of campaigns that are utilizing their existing data and technology to create highly effective triggered marketing campaigns across different industries. We also explain how a multichannel approach can drive more responses and when direct mail makes the greatest impact in these campaigns.

How to Effectively Cross-Sell Your Customers for a Higher Cart Value Using Your Data

Leveraging the customer data you already have is key in effectively cross-selling your customers. We discuss how segmentation plays a key role in cross-selling, how you can use your data to build a matrix based on the products or services you offer, and how to use this matrix to drive your messaging. This video also covers how you can use cross-selling to drive triggered variable data mailings and deliver personalized messaging in all of your marketing channels.

Three Ways to Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value

Find out the three main ways you can increase your overall customer lifetime value, which can multiply your ROI. In this video we cover RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) principles and how you can apply them to your business. We will give examples of each and show how you can implement these slight adjustments into your direct mail and overall marketing campaigns.

How to Segment Your Data for Maximum Results

Find out the four basic ways you can segment your audience and which segments to target in your marketing to increase your response rates and overall campaign ROI. We also cover how you can incorporate variable data into your campaigns to create campaigns that are tailored to each segment.

How to Win Your Customers Back through Effective Lapsed Customer Campaigns

Find out how to reactivate customers with very effective direct mail campaigns. We discuss how a lapsed customer is defined and the type of offers we’ve found that work best to win back customers.

Strategies for Improving Your Customer Retention

Increasing your customer retention rate can mean millions of dollars added to your bottom line. Find out how increasing your customer lifetime value can play large part in increasing your bottom line and effective strategies for keeping your customers coming back. We also cover effective loyalty programs and benchmark metrics you can use to measure your customer lifetime value and retention.

Finding the Right Prospecting Data

Steve Willnus from Willnus Target Marketing joins us to discuss the types of lists and data that is available for companies who are looking to run customer acquisition campaigns and need a targeted list. He talks about how he works with clients to find the right data for their business, the different types of data that are available and the most effective ways to use the data for customer acquisition. You’ll be surprised to learn how targeted and specific you can get to give you the best results and ROI on your campaigns.

Direct Mail Customer Acquisition Strategies for the Current Situation

Whether you are looking to reach new prospects more effectively or dial up your marketing for customer acquisitions on a channel with the lowest acquisition costs, here are strategies you can use to create an effective direct mail campaign during these times. If you are waiting to re-open your company or are in a planning phase right now so you can come out of the gate strong, here are things to keep in mind that you can plan for now to get the jump on the competition.

Targeted Direct Mail for Customer Acquisition

Find out if targeted direct mail is a good fit for your company and strategies you can use to reach your exact target audience who converts into customers every time. There’s no need to waste money on reaching audiences that won’t become customers! These strategies are used by our clients to increase their response rate and give them a much higher ROI on their direct mail campaigns.

How Variable Data Print Customizes Your Message for Higher Response Rates

Here is how variable data print technology allows you to unlock the full potential of your CRM or point of sale system. We discuss tailoring your offers to different audience segments, using imagery that relates to a specific demographic, swapping service offerings based on locations and more. This video also covers how we can save you an immense amount of time by doing all of this with one data file!