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That Can Being Your Ideas to Life

Do you need direct mail design ideas that can cut through the clutter?

Is it time to revamp your marketing materials?

Would it be easier to single source your print and direct mail projects?

PrintComm is a full-service creative and marketing communications resource. We provide a broad menu of services, which include design and printing services, mail piece design consultation, variable document engineering, printing and binding services, and systems development for data-driven print production processes.


PrintComm offers direct marketing assistance and creative direct mail ideas. We have award winning designers who can help you with direct mail design services, microsites, unique publications, print collateral and catalogs.


Working with our creative team is seamless because they understand how to integrate conceptual design and your strategic vision. They have the knowledge and experience needed to put everything together to make your design stand out and achieve its objective.


We can work within any budget, while exceeding your expectations because we also understand the art of communication. As Joe Sparano once said, “Good design is obvious, but great design is transparent.” Best of all, whatever we design, we can print so we can take care of your project from start to finish.


Our customers are scattered throughout the U.S. and Canada, which is why we’ve perfected the process of online proofing. We make reviewing your designed materials easy, convenient and accurate. Web-based collaborative proofing technology allows you, and all other stakeholders, to view and critique your project ― from various geographic locations.

Some of the areas we love to help our clients with:

  • Re-branding or brand revitalization
  • Static and Variable Direct Mail
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Print-On-Demand Sites
  • Microsite Marketing
  • Publications
  • Advertising
  • Retail Marketing
  • Trade-Show Graphics

Engage. Inspire. Deliver.

The creative concept helps define the very core of your marketing message. It underpins your campaign content, and encompasses the major themes you wish to communicate to your target audience. We can help you make an emotional connection with your audience with our graphic printing and design services.

We deliver solutions to reach your target audiences with solid conceptual ideas right at the start, so you spend less time hammering out the details as a campaign progresses. Our talented Creative team uses innovative ideas and insights to develop concepts that deliver results, that align with your business goals.

Trusting a company who knows design and print up front helps pave the way for faster project delivery, smoother executions and delivering your message to the right people at the right time.

PrintComm will help you:

  • Ensure that mail pieces conform to USPS regulations.
  • Design creative and employ testing methodologies to determine which creative package and offers perform best.
  • Focus on results<
  • Integrate with multi-channel and response options like microsites, email, social media, POP and more.
  • Develop highly variable documents that utilize logic, data, and image/content libraries to drive 1:1 communication<

Here are some proven tips to drive direct mail response and ROI:

Tip 1 – Keep Things Simple: When you start putting too much emphasis on the design itself (such as colors, imagery, etc.), you start diluting the important details of your direct mail piece, such as the offer or call to action – see the comparison below:
Tip 2 – Do A/B Testing: See what works best for your campaign objectives. Sometimes it may be a hand addressed letter while other times it may be an oversized postcard. To discover what yields the best results, you need to test and measure slightly different variables to see what really works.
Tip 3 – Interact with Your Recipients: It could be a pull tab, scratch off, removing a sticker or a stamp to open a card/letter that makes the recipient get involved with your direct mail piece. By adding this level of engagement, your chances of capturing their interest increases. However, this tactic will only work if the direct mail piece is relevant to your recipients needs or wants at first glance.
Tip 4 – Apply Sensible Packaging Tactics: There’s a lot of packaging options to choose from when executing direct mail: handwritten envelopes with letters, postcards, oversized envelopes and more. What should you use and when?

In order to know what will work best, you need to ask yourself if you how much room you will need for copy to satisfy the customer’s research or interest level. Bottom line, you need to have enough copy that helps recipients understand your product or services, along with how it could benefit them.

Please note, the more complex the sale, the more space you will likely need to ensure your recipients truly recognize the benefits your products or service could offer them.

Tip 5 – You have 5-6 Seconds to Grab Their Attention: With direct mail, you don’t have a lot of time to capture a recipient’s interest. This is why it’s important to keep it simple, test to see what works, offer a way to interact with your recipients and determine the best format to use to get your message and appealing offer across to the right people, at the right time.