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What is cross-channel marketing and could it increase your marketing campaigns ROI and results?
Do you need to improve your campaign’s performance?
Would cross-channel marketing tactics improve your sales?
Could an integrated direct response promotion make a difference for your response rates?
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What is Cross-Channel Marketing?

Cross-channel marketing is a combination of targeted communications to your prospects or customers using numerous channels simultaneously to increase campaign performance and ROI. A typical campaign may use targeted direct mail, personalized emails, unique microsites, relevant social media channels, phone calls from your sales reps and maybe even more channels.

It’s not uncommon for an integrated marketing agency to sit down with you to ensure your multichannel campaigns are effective and relevant for your targeted audience and PrintComm is no different. We want to understand your business objectives, goals and your targeted audience so we can execute a high-performing campaign around those key areas.

Interact with Your Customers or Leads

The results being achieved by relevant campaigns are outstripping static campaigns by 56-275%. One of the ways PrintComm conducts cross-channel messaging is through the combined use of direct mail, PURLs, and emails for our client’s campaigns.

Using Personalized URLs

Personal URLs (also referred to as PURLs) are web addresses that are unique to each recipient. They can be printed on direct mail pieces and/or included in emails. These PURLs do a great job of grabbing the recipient’s attention and often peaks their interest. Once they click into the link, we can show you insightful metrics behind their visit and how to keep the conversation going.

Using Landing Pages

Landing pages are another great way to interact with your customers or leads because they present variable content based on recipient data and logic rules. A survey can be used to define their needs, personal interests, and gather additional data. This data can be used to score prospects and drive relevant content in later pages.

Well executed multi-channel campaigns can generate a sales lift of 34%”


Well executed campaigns can generate a sales lift of 7-34% compared to traditional sales approaches, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau. Imagine what those numbers could mean for your franchisees, agents or dealers and their sales. However, 55% of companies have no cross-channel strategy in place (The CMO Club), which means they could be missing out on some serious growth opportunities.

At PrintComm, we are one of the few multi-channel marketing companies that has proven success at creating integrated direct response promotions and multi-channel marketing campaigns which include PURLs, targeted direct mail and personalized emails that reach people on all levels while focusing on unique business objectives.

Millennials Spend More Time Using the Internet and Mobile than Any Other Age Group

Most multi-channel marketing companies agree—it’s not a print versus digital decision anymore. It’s about efficiently repurposing and deploying print content in a digital environment, engaging audiences with powerful and relevant experiences – across all channels, devices and platforms – to drive immediate action.

Effectively deploying content across multiple channels empowers your brand, lets you reach new audiences, drive more sales and increase your ROI. Whether you’re targeting Millennials or a specific group of customers or prospects, PrintComm can help you.

Need to find more ways to improve your marketing campaigns?

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