Increase Customer Retention

and Achieve Customer Growth with Proven Direct Mail Marketing Programs

Do you need some ideas for customer retention marketing programs?
Do you know the lifetime customer value of your customers?
Are you able to target high margin customers for increased frequency?
Do your current loyalty marketing programs need to improve their performance or ROI?
Would you like to reduce churn?
Do you know how effective your offers are to increasing customer purchase frequency?
Do you have a strategy in place to increase margin per purchase resulting in higher ROI for your company?

Focusing on customer retention can drastically change a business’ bottom line.

Keeping customers coming back to your stores frequently can make a large difference in revenue and the customer’s lifetime value. Our team understands how to execute loyalty programs that are customized to your industry to maximize customer retention and actually increase their lifetime value by increasing your profit margin on their purchases.

No matter what goals you have for customer retention or what program you currently have in place, we are confident that we can help you achieve the results you want.

Increasing your customer retention rate can mean millions of dollars added to your bottom line. Find out how increasing your customer lifetime value can play large part in increasing your bottom line and effective strategies for keeping your customers coming back. We also cover effective loyalty programs and benchmark metrics you can use to measure your customer lifetime value and retention.
Customer retention rates could increase profits by




Increasing Your Franchisees’, Dealers’ or Agents’ Customer Retention Rates By 5% Could Increase Profits By 25%-95%*

Your most profitable and valuable relationships are the people who already buy from you. You can capitalize on these existing relationships by cross-selling and upselling relevant products or services.  By encouraging existing customers to purchase more from you, you are able to deepen the relationship and their loyalty. Research shows customers that buy multiple product lines are retained at a higher percentage which leads to an increase in  customer lifetime value.

Another way to improve customer retention is by reducing churn. This requires systematic approaches to reach out to your customers who appear to be ready to purchase and may be at risk, before they go to a competitor. Loyalty programs and/or tailored offers encourage customers to maintain their relationship with you based on discounts, rewards, and deals. You can reduce your churn rate and improve your bottom line via timely, triggered direct mail.

PrintComm can help you mine your transactional data and implement effective customer retention campaigns that are able to increase your overall ROI from your existing customers.

Direct mail is a powerful channel for customer retention marketing campaigns.

We recommend checking out how we can help with all of your direct mail efforts by reviewing our