New Customer Acquisition

Direct Mail Programs that Work
  • Do you know what your best customers look like from a demographic, psychographic, or geographic standpoint?
  • Would implementing a new customer acquisition direct mail program help your franchisees, dealers or agents grow?
  • Do you need new customer acquisition programs that can be executed in specific time frames while achieving margin and acquisition cost goals for your franchisees, dealers or agents?
  • Could your current prospecting data be enhanced to increase your new customer acquisition results and efforts?
  • Do you need to find cost effective strategies for acquiring new customers for your franchisees, dealers or agents?

Why New Customer Acquisition Direct Mail Programs Work

Direct mail execution gets more complicated when you have hundreds of franchisees, agents or dealers acting under your brand. Not only do you have to ensure your brand parameters are regulated, your marketing team needs to act quickly if they want to hit sales or promotional deadlines and still give direct mail recipients enough time to act on their offer.

PrintComm helps national brands that have hundreds of locations set up direct mail programs for new customer acquisition, customer retention and lapsed customers efforts. We leverage our knowledge of project management, variable document engineering, offer creation and a balanced marketing mix to make our direct mail programs work effectively and efficiently.

If you're a franchisor, dealer or agency that needs help

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What Makes a Great Prospecting List?

Every company or organization needs to evaluate different data points to determine what should be considered when creating a great prospecting list. However, we learned from our clients that there are always three factors that need to be factored into this task.

Three Qualifying Factors to Consider for Creating Prospect Data Lists:

  • Contacts are qualified to buy what you’re offering
  • Contacts have responded to other direct mail offers
  • You are focused on the quality over quantity rule

If you would like to learn more about creating a strong prospect list, you can check out our blog article here.

This is where PrintComm can help you.

We have several programs that are:

  • User Friendly – We can teach anyone how to use our programs
  • Easy – We have streamlined the process so campaigns can happen with just a few clicks
  • Analytics Provided – We set up automatic metrics so you can measure and understand your ROI
  • On Schedule – We have the right steps in place to ensure materials are sent at the right time
  • Optional Services – Customer Profile Modeling, design, copywriting and so much more
One thing we do want to mention is there needs to be a balance between acquiring new customers and retaining current customers. Always make sure to have customer retention programs running, along with your new customer acquisition programs, to receive the best results and growth.
We Can Help You With:

  • Re-branding or brand revitalization
  • Static and Variable Direct Mail
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Print-On-Demand Sites
  • Microsite Marketing
  • Publications
  • Advertising
  • Retail Marketing
  • Trade-Show Graphics

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