By Using Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

Do you need help executing new store openings for your franchisees, dealers or agents?

Are you trying to find new ways to improve your current store opening strategies?

Would a partner with proven experience in grand openings jump start your franchisees, dealers or agents success at their new location?

Do you need to launch a successful store openings for our franchisees, dealers or agents?

New store openings for franchisees, dealers or agents can be challenging to juggle when you have several to execute at once and across various states. It’s even harder to accomplish if you’re an emerging brand that simply doesn’t have the marketing bandwidth yet.

At PrintComm, we understand the work and importance behind opening a new store.

We have helped several of our clients launch new stores successfully through directing and executing direct mail campaigns with multi-channel touches. They drive awareness, attendance and coupon redemption. These campaigns last long after the initial store opening by following up with customers after the event and directing them into retention and loyalty programs.

Why a successful grand opening is critical to long term success

Grand openings generate excitement! You can play off that excitement with effective direct mail targeting strategies and coordinated digital touches.

This also allows a few other things to happen:

  • You get customer prospects into your store to experience it for the first time, at its best
  • If you include a strong offer in your direct mail pieces, they will likely redeem that offer with their first purchase and they may buy more on top of your offer
  • While checking out, your team has the ability to capture their contact details
    – These details can help you with your loyalty and retention campaigns since it is much cheaper to retain your current customers versus acquiring new ones

Drive Attendance by Creating Strong Offers or Promotions

One of the most important elements in successful event marketing is understanding what will drive your audience to take action and attend the event. Typically, a strong offer will be something they want to take advantage of and will traffic.

There are two proven ways to help drive attendance for your store opening:

Create an irresistable offer

On your direct mail piece, make your offer front and center so they instantly see it and captures their interest.

  • If the new store isn’t a good fit for them, they may know someone else who would like it and could pass the direct mail piece over to them
  • Direct mail is great for running offers because you can track their performance easily

Create a Promotion They Want

Consider running promotions to make your new store opening a success, such as offering discounts if customers post pictures or check in on social media to help spread the word about your new location opening.

  • Consider running bigger promotions, if budget allows, such as for every dollar spent on the store opening day, you receive an entry into a prize drawing for a trip, boat, vehicle or another high luxury item.
  • Promotions can help generate buzz quickly – don’t be afraid to experiment to see which kind of promotions work best for your new store and its customers