CuStomer Reactivation

Before They Go to the Competition

Is winning back lapsed customers for your franchisees, dealers or agents a priority for your brand?
Could you benefit from implementing new tactics and strategies for your lapsed customer campaigns?


Response Rate

See how one retailer achieved a 32% response rate and over 100,000 new email addresses on one campaign.

Your lapsed customers should not be ignored, but engaged with tailored lapsed customer campaigns. There are many advantages of targeting a lapsed customer, but your POS (Point of Sale) data can really narrow down who you want to reach back out to with an irresistible offer and get them back on track to becoming a loyal customer over time.

Lapsed customer win back campaigns are the highest converting direct mail campaigns.

Lapsed customers can become your strongest brand advocates or fans, especially if you take the time to learn why they left. According to the U.S. Department of Consumer Affairs, 82-95% of unhappy customers will come back if impressed with your win back efforts and performed in a timely fashion, and those customers will go to refer five new customers (on average).

Direct mail offers an excellent opportunity to impress them with strong offers to send at the right time. Plus, we can integrate variable data into your direct mail pieces so it’s relevant to your recipients and test offers to determine which one works best to drive your lapsed customers to purchase.

What Causes Lapsed Customers?

Everyone wonders why past or loyal customers suddenly disappear. You should review your customer loss rate or churn rate annually and then try to find deeper insights on why those customers may have left. By uncovering why customers lapse, your team can make stronger efforts to retain their loyalty.

Here’s some common reasons why customer’s lapse:

  • Their last purchase experience was negative
  • They felt too pressured to purchase something
  • There was a lack of knowledge from the sales team
  • What they wanted to purchase was not available
  • Their budget or needs have recently changed
  • Competition provides stronger offers or value
  • They didn’t feel appreciated as a customer
  • They moved out of the area and found something closer

Understanding why they leave or lapse can provide a great starting point to develop a lapsed customer campaign. It’s not uncommon for consumers to wait for the right reason to give a brand another chance. Take control and get your customers back so you can convert them into loyal customers over time.