Direct Mail Database

Services That Make a Difference to Your ROI

Do you want to make sure your pieces reach the right people?
Do you need help cleaning up your data and keeping it clean so you stay in touch with your customers?
Do you need help cleaning up your data and keeping it clean so you stay in touch with your customers?

It’s not uncommon to have missing pieces in your database, but they can prevent you from achieving the results you want. PrintComm offers several data quality/hygiene services that can enhance your data and improve your results by reaching more of your customers or leads.

How PrintComm Can Help You Enhance Your Data

  • Implement address resolution services to get invalid mailing addresses cleaned up
  • Use a physical mailing address to get a phone number
  • Use email addresses to find physical mailing addresses
  • Use phone numbers to get a physical mailing address
  • Comprehensive mail management services
  • Merge/purge capabilities
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) service/presort
  • Address standardization

Data Quality Services

Keeping your data clean and up to date is one of the easiest ways to improve your direct mail ROI. On a basic level, PrintComm, like other database marketing companies, can remove duplicates. This is something that should be done on virtually all mailings. That will reduce your piece count and save money on print and postage. Additionally, when people receive duplicates in the mail, they make value judgements on your company that aren’t positive.

Effective Direct mail database management encompasses some other, high value activities. First of all, to qualify for the lowest postal rates, databases must be run through the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) database. PrintComm always feeds the corrected address file back to our clients as well as the bad address file. The corrected address file should be used to update the data on recipients. At some point, consumers fall out of the NCOA database. If your database isn’t continually refreshed, you will lose track of some of your customers.

There are advanced hygiene tactics and data quality services that can be employed to try to clean up some of the bad addresses. PrintComm can help with all of this and more. This is a big deal. We have been asked to inspect databases for some of our new customers. We have seen some of these databases come back with bad address counts as high as 15%. Some mailers address this by slapping “or current resident” in the mailing address area. This practice ensures deliverability to somebody, not necessarily your customer. The bottom line, let us help you improve your data so your money is spent wisely and you don’t lose track of your customers.