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We help you create high ROI marketing programs and materials that your franchisees will love to use.

Many franchise marketing teams struggle to manage all of their marketing programs, tasks and campaigns, especially during a growth stage. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and to have trouble getting to what needs attention. Additionally, there is real pressure to develop programs that are winners so that your brand and your franchisees’ revenues grow.

This is why franchise brands are turning to PrintComm for franchise marketing solutions. We can help you create targeted direct mail campaigns that your franchisees will want to use. Online ordering systems can be set up to make direct mail and other promotional materials easy to order. These systems also help ensure brand continuity and provide localization capability for your franchisees, which will help increase their participation.


Find out the factors that influence franchisee participation in not only direct mail programs, but all marketing programs. We discuss how direct mail compares to other marketing channels that are available and what companies can do before offering a new program to their franchisees to help get them on board when the program is launched.

Send the right offer to the right people at the right time.

High ROI is achieved by sending direct mail with an offer that attracts the right audience. We can help you develop an effective new customer acquisition model, retention or loyalty programs, and lapsed customer win-back programs. We can mine your customer database to develop approaches so you experience the highest ROI from any direct mail campaigns.

Creating custom online ordering sites that save you time

Imagine how much time you could save if your franchisees could order their own brand approved materials and the process was completely automated. We can create a platform that protects your franchise brand parameters while offering flexible options to your franchisees for their marketing materials. Robust reporting capabilities provide you with insight into what your franchisees utilize. These results can be analyzed to determine which programs should be expanded, modified or deleted.
In the end, our primary goal is to make direct and integrated franchise marketing programs easy and effective for you and your franchisees. By making these programs simple and effective, franchisees are more likely to participate. They will be able to measure their return on investment while growing your brand, without sacrificing brand control or consistency.

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