Event Marketing: Maximize Your Next Event

Maximize Your Event with these 3 Easy Steps

Have an event coming up? In-house seminar? Booth at a trade show? Whatever it is, you want to maximize your investment by ensuring that the people who commit to coming actually show up. These three steps will help you get the highest attendance possible, but you can also see what PrintComm does to help their customers regarding event marketing here.

1. Think really hard about what high value reasons you will give people to attend your event or visit your booth. Put yourself in their shoes. What would they hope to learn, see, do, or discuss that would help improve their situation? Do you have thoughts that would help make them happier, generate more sales, save time, make their life easier or make them more efficient? State that in terms that really resonates. Is there some sort of high value VIP event or treatment you can offer people to book in advance.

2. Develop a solid pre-show marketing plan and tactics. Using the high value pitch you just developed send direct mail and email to solicit appointments and sign-ups. Some people won’t be able to make it so offer them an opportunity for a one on one either before or after the event. Some marketers believe their event is made or broken before it ever starts. A good pre-event marketing effort will help you schedule lots of quality appointments.

3. Take time to create a post-event marketing plan before the show starts – What will you send them after the event? Who will follow up? What kind of lead nurturing cycle will you put them into. Will marketing automation be employed? This cannot be overemphasized. In complex sales, the time frame between event attendance and becoming sales ready can be weeks or months. It’s important to have a plan besides, “we’ll have our reps or dealers follow up.” Unfortunately, most reps give up after a couple of calls. Good marketing automation software and workflows can deliver relevant content to event leads and move them through the funnel.

Looking for more ideas for making your event its best? Give PrintComm a call today at 810-239-5763. We’d love to help you with your event marketing and follow-up. We have a proven process that nurtures event leads then converts them into sales-ready leads by using marketing automation.

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