Random Handwriting Fonts Can Boost Open Rates

In the world of direct mail, anything that can increase response or open rates matters. We know marketers like you are constantly seeking ways to stand out in a crowded mailbox. That’s why we’re excited to announce the addition of another MPS inserter to our arsenal. In addition to increasing our capacity, it offers a game-changing advantage for you: random handwriting fonts.

The Power of Handwritten Fonts

Conventional handwriting fonts do have handwritten characters. However, they don’t pass the authenticity test. Viewers quickly realize that the piece isn’t really handwritten.

Random handwriting fonts have 5 to 6 versions of every character. The software swaps those out instead of using the same character over and over. So, when the consumers see them, they look much more real. If the address on the envelope looks handwritten, and the envelope is stamped, the likelihood that someone thinks its personalized goes up, and that will get more of them opened. It’s way cheaper and faster than Autopen.

Both of our MPS inserters are now equipped with random font technology. The newest one is also equipped with inline stamping capacity. Two of our Flowmasters have also been equipped with inline inkjet and stamping. Our goal is to provide you with access to technologies that will get your mail opened.

Elevating Envelope Inserting Capacity

With current customer demand for inserting soaring to over 500,000 envelopes per day, the need for increased capacity and efficiency has been addressed. The addition of a second MPS inserter also allows us to produce A-7’s and #10’s in mass quantities while seamlessly executing read-write work on all our high-volume devices. FYI, A-7’s with personalized cards have great open and response rates.

For more information, contact your PrintComm Account Executive or Account Manager.

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