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Study: Cross-Channel Marketing Use Nearly Doubles

Cross-channel marketing is critical. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the effort to expand the number of marketing channels you are using and invest in deeper integration between them, just take a look at the data. According to a study just released by the...

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Branding Has Benefits, Learn Them Now!

An effective brand creates an enduring perception in the minds of your customers and distinguishes you from your competitors. An investment in branding can pay off in many ways. Benefits from Effective Branding Increase mind share.  When you want a cola, you think of...

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Customer Insight Is Key to Personalization

What’s the secret to customer success with personalized printing? It can be summed up in a single word: relevance. You can “personalize” a document with dozens of variables related to a customer’s gender, income, geographic location and more, but in the end, if the...

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Position and Grow Your Business for Tomorrow

Business growth is important. Do you see marketing as a sprint or a marathon? Increasingly, marketers are taking the marathon view, developing their plans to focus on long-term results rather than just “right now” sales. In this view, marketing has a two-fold purpose:...

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Marketers Learn from Magazines & Newspapers

Digital marketing channels have an important place in the media mix, but as marketers have learned, ubiquity of presence doesn’t necessarily translate into greater profitability or effectiveness. Recently, an article in USA Today reinforced this conclusion. It...

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