Customer Retention Direct Mail Programs

Increasing Your Franchisees’ Customer Retention Rates By 5% Could Increase Profits By 25%-95%*

Customer retention efforts are often put aside, which is a mistake. Keeping your franchisees’ customers long term can make a big difference in your revenues and customer lifetime value. Customer retention programs have come a long way, but PrintComm has learned to make retention campaigns easy to execute and create outstanding results.

The first step to understanding how to execute a customer retention program is discovering your current customer’s lifetime value. This way, we can use that data and develop strategies to retain more customers and increase their lifetime value.

Direct mail is a powerful marketing channel for retention campaigns. PrintComm will implement effective personalization variables to increase life in your return on investment and response rates. By sending targeted direct mail, you’re helping your franchisees drive sales and understanding what value offers are great drivers to keep them coming back.

See the case study results that we achieved for a national specialty retail franchisor with one of our customer win-back campaigns!

Here is a list of database services we provide:
Comprehensive mail management services Merge/purge capabilitiesupe
National Change of Address (NCOA) service/presort Address standardization
Freight analysis and consolidation Postage optimization
Data entry/capture Lists
Asset management

*Source: Customer Acquisition vs. Retention, SailThru

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