Providing Project Management Services Because Complex Print Projects Require More Than Just Print

There are universal conditions that exist in marketing, procurement and creative departments: everyone has a lot to do. Organizations have right-sized and down-sized, which means remaining staff members are multi-tasking and can be overwhelmed trying to manage a myriad of activities.

Additionally, print and direct mail technologies are continuing to evolve at a rapid pace which makes it difficult for folks in the enterprise or organization to stay abreast of everything. Accomplishing complex projects is more than just print.

Project Management
A few examples of projects we have been asked to help manage:
Direct Mail efforts for manufacturer with 140+ demo events over the course of the year: Direct mail is versioned to the event and the recipient and needs to be timed so it arrives in home 2-3 weeks before the relevant event. Develop schedule, coordinate other vendor involvement and manage schedule to ensure on-time delivery.
360-page catalog with hundreds of product images and associated content: develop a process and schedule that breaks the project into manageable tasks for the client and ensures timely delivery.
Drop ship POP to hundreds of dealers: Kits have varying components based on products the dealer sells, language, etc.
Manage direct mail project with 28 different versions and variable: The project has multiple versions of envelopes, insert cards, and brochures. In addition, insert cards are variably printed with dealer and show location based on proximity of consumer to a specific show or dealer.
Develop and produce a coffee table book that is sent to new product purchasers. Front pages are variably printed weekly from customer data feed. Assemble variable pages with static pages, case bind and drop ship to 500+ consumers per week.
Effective & Efficient Direct Mail, Print & Integrated Media