Acquiring New Customers –

Does It Make Sense for You?

Webinar was recorded – November 14, 2017

Watch this webinar to learn how to use direct mail campaigns to acquire new customers and why it’s cost effective.

Direct mail can be a strong channel to acquire new customers. The challenge is figuring out if it’s a great opportunity for your business and how effective it is by looking at the right metrics to measure campaign performance.

During this 60-minute webinar recording, direct mail experts Kevin Naughton and Frank Martin will share their insights on which industries easily benefit from new customer acquisition direct mail campaigns or programs and how to justify campaign costs by calculating its Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA).

You’ll learn how to know when direct mail is an appropriate channel to use in your direct marketing strategy, what direct mail mistakes to avoid and reviewing direct mail new customer acquisition approaches that were successful and why.

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