Increase Sales & ROI with Proven Event Marketing Tactics

Events are a big undertaking that have the potential to yield significant ROI. If you’re inviting people to come to events, you want to employ proven tactics that will ensure a good turnout and follow-up processes to convert show leads into sales-ready leads. If you’re currently attending marketing events and want to get more ROI from your efforts, then this webinar is for you.

Our Event Marketing Webinar Will Include Information On:

  • The Business Case for Effective Event Marketing
  • Pre-Show Marketing Tactics to Increase Quality Appointments
  • At The Show: Strategies That Will Encourage Quality Conversations
  • Post-Show Communication Tactics
  • Tactics That Ensure Your Leads Will Be Followed-Up On, Leading to More Conversions
  • Ongoing Nurturing is Necessary for Complex Sales – How Do You Do It?
  • What Is The Role for Sales Versus Marketing in Post-Show Follow-Up?
  • Marketing Automation Workflows That Help Accomplish This