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Control Your Brand With Web to Print Solutions That Increase Sales

PrintComm Makes it Easy for Your Franchisees, Dealers or Agents to Utilize Your Marketing Materials So They Sell More

We offer a broad menu of services to help you save time and ensure that your brand and messaging are presented properly.

Helping your franchisees, dealers or agents market effectively is crucial to your business. If they grow sales, you generate revenue. We can help you develop and execute print, direct marketing and online ordering programs that will drive sales and save you time.

Here’s how we can help you:
Provide online ordering sites that automate the delivery of customized marketing materials with minimal involvement
Provide consulting services and marketing communication plans to ensure that programs succeed
Manage local direct mail programs, including addressed mail or EDDM
Provide print, kit pack and fulfilment services for POP and collateral

Online Ordering Sites Help You Offer Your Dealers/Agents Customizable Materials

PrintComm’s web-based ordering capability can help you deliver customized marketing materials that your dealers or agents will use and automate the ordering process to reduce cost. Best of all, they free up your time so you can focus on the things that will help you advance your business. We offer multiple print solutions, utilizing the print technology that makes sense for each product. And, they aren’t limited to print. Virtually any type of marketing material can be included: emails, ads, landing pages, promotional items, and more. PrintComm can help you analyze your potential ROI on Web2Print technology implementations.

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Online Ordering Page Example
Our online ordering sites allow customization and ordering of your branded materials and produce data-driven personalized print and digital documents

PrintComm Helps You Get Them on Board

And, we take it a step further than any other firm you will encounter. Many companies have developed online ordering sites but are disappointed with the level of usage by their channel partners. A recent white paper by industry expert Heidi Tolliver-Nigro points out that almost 80% of corporate marketing sites are underutilized. PrintComm has conducted extensive research in this area. We have identified the reasons that dealers, franchisees and agents don’t use corporate marketing programs and we have developed solid approaches to improve participation rates.

Online Ordering Sites and Print-On-Demand Capability Allows You To:
Roll out print quickly and efficiently when you launch a new product or promotion
Version pieces to reach specified and varied audiences
Enable dealer/agent customization of print pieces
Provide print, kit pack and fulfilment services for POP and collateral
Reduce inventory obsolescence and warehousing expense
Ensure compliance
Track usage of your items so you know what is being used and what isn’t
Effective & Efficient Direct Mail, Print & Integrated Media