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IF EDDM Makes Sense for You, We Make it a Whole Lot Easier

US Postal Service conceived the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Program as a cost-effective way for businesses, organizations and sales people to do saturation mailings in local marketing areas. The discounted rates are a good idea for businesses whose customers and prospects represent more than 50% of a carrier route.

In short, EDDM is a win-win for the businesses that use them, offering high coverage at a low price!

eddm services
Ways EDDM benefits you:
Mailing list not necessary!
No permit necessary to run the program
Huge saving on standard bulk mail rates

We Take Away the Headache by Doing All the Legwork

At PrintComm, we’re more than just print. We make things easy for you.

Ways we can help:
We help you select routes so you can easily reach your target audience.
For retailers with many locations, our automatic route picking software can auotmate the task of picking routes and generating postal paperwork.
If you’re a corporation or franchisor who offers online direct mail programs to your dealers, agents or franchisees, we are able to incorporate route picking software into your web to print sites.
Full service from start to finish. To make life easier for you, we take care of paperwork, bundle the mail and then deliver it to the Post Office saving you time and work!
Great pricing!
No 5,000 daily piece limit.

We’re Designated Commercial Plus By USPS – We’ve Done This, Lots!

It doesn’t matter where you are. If you run a franchise, dealer or retail network, it doesn’t matter where they are. Why? Because PrintComm is a USPS Commercial Plus customer. It’s a designation we have earned by doing large volumes of EDDM. That means we can use USPS expedited internal shipping methods to get your pieces to the local post offices, for a cost that is the same or less than what it would cost to ship the pieces to you or your various locations. We bundle the mail and ship it right to the various local post offices so you get the best EDDM rates.

Here’s How it Works

Select Routes

Tell us the area you want to mail to or input zip code(s) and select the routes that make sense. If you have multiple locations, provide us with a database and our automatic route-picking software can select the routes. This is a real time saver!

Mailing Creative
Upload your own design or let our on-staff designers create the perfect piece for you.

We Take it From Here

We will print, sort and drop ship to the local post offices.

Or Do it Yourself!

Got things covered? If you want to handle the paperwork, bundling and delivering your EDDM to the Post Office, you have two choices:

BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit)

This option offers you the lowest postage prices at 15.7 cents and allows you to surpass 5,000 mailers/day. This requires a postage permit.


Without a postage permit, you can send 5,000 mailers/day at a slightly higher rate of 17.5 cents for postage.

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