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5 Steps to Customer Loyalty

What does it take to create customer loyalty, the kind of commitment that makes customers stick with you, even when your competitors become more aggressive, and price competition intensifies? Here are some tips from the experts. 1. Profile your customers. Customers...

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Re-energize Your Mail with These Ideas

Is your target audience tuning out your mailings because you’re sending the same campaign over and over?  Maybe it’s time to mix things up. Here are five ideas to get people responding to your direct mailings again. 1. Change your offer. Your offers can get stale...

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Companies Place More Emphasis on Marketing in 2019

Every year, Target Marketingsurveys its readership to identify trends for the upcoming marketing year. This year, its “2019 Marketing Budget Survey” found that a whopping 10x more marketing budgets are increasing for 2019 than decreasing.  Here’s how the data on...

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5 Ideas for Customer Retention

While gaining the attention of new prospects is becoming increasingly difficult, retaining the customers you do have is becoming more important to maintaining or increasing your bottom line.  However, continually coming up with new ways to use print, email, and...

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