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How to Create a Great Prospect Data List

What Makes a Great Prospect Data List? Finding or obtaining the right data to use for your marketing efforts requires time, money and testing. For direct mail, your prospect data list is critical to its performance. While each company or organization may need to look...

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PrintComm’s Article on Franchisee Opt-In

Note: This article was featured in Franchising World for their December 2017 Issue. If you would like to review the published digital version, you can do that here. Keys to Obtaining Franchisee Opt-In on Your Direct Mail Programs If you want to make direct mail...

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Make Print Collateral Direct Response Vehicles

Direct response marketing has one goal — make the reader take immediate action. Are your current pieces accomplishing that? Do you use a lot of print collateral? If yes, how many of those print collateral pieces act as a lead generator or effectively nurture leads? If...

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Acquiring New Customers with Direct Mail

Does Acquiring New Customers with Direct Mail Make Sense for You? While many companies are open to using direct mail in their multi-channel marketing campaigns, they still have questions. In a recent webinar, Kevin Naughton, President of PrintComm interviewed direct...

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You Generated All These Leads – Now What?

Lead generation tactics vary from business to business. While there are a handful of common sources for generating leads, the biggest question many marketers have is what to do with them. Whether you obtained leads from a recent marketing event (check out our recent...

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Create Marketing Copy That Gets Read

In Confessions of an Advertising Man, David Ogilvy, founder of the highly regarded advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, wrote, “Ninety-nine percent of all advertising doesn’t sell a thing.” You don’t want your products to be in that 99%. How do you make sure you...

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