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5 Benefits to Having an Up-to-Date Mailing List

Every marketing dollar counts in direct mail campaigns. You don’t want to be printing, folding, and mailing to inaccurate or nonexistent addresses or to people who haven’t lived at an address in years. Investing in your mailing list can pay off big. Here are five...

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How Strong Is Your Direct Mail Foundation?

Designing a new direct mail campaign? Let the creativity flow! Before setting your designer loose on a new campaign, take a step back and make sure you’ve covered the fundamentals. 1. Mailing list Is your mailing list current? Are you mailing to the right people? Are...

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Keeping the Customer Experience Seamless

In today’s world, people want things to be easy. Whether it’s shopping, researching products, or hearing about products for the first time, they want everything to be seamless. Yet for many, the process is still fragmented. How can you connect the dots so that your...

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The Hottest New Market: Your Own Customers!

When you think of boosting revenue, chances are you think about acquiring new customers. But why not look to your existing customers instead? You spent a significant amount of time and money winning them over in the first place. Why not keep them or encourage them to...

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How to Nurture Leads Until They Are Ready to Buy

It would be great if everyone who responds to a print or email contact would make a purchase right away, but they often don’t. Even when people don’t convert right away, don’t assume that the lead is dead. It just might need nurturing. According to Brian Carroll,...

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Closing the Customer Perception Gap

Ever wonder what your customers really think about you? Instead of guessing, it’s a good idea to ask. Customer surveys sent by direct mail, email, and online can give insights that make the difference between steering the company in the right direction and missing the...

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Speaking to Your Audience in Their Language

Whether you are writing copy for a postcard or an email, the language you use matters.  Just like products and images, the wording you use should be matched to the different demographics of your target audience(s). Let’s look at three examples: #1: Millennials...

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