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PrintComm provides a broad range of low cost, high value every door direct mail services to brands who market to consumers through a network of brick and mortar locations in defined local areas. We can help you with EDDM marketing strategies, time saving route picking solutions, EDDM printing, bundling and drop shipping. When you deal with us, we take care of all of the busy work and you don’t pay more for that extra level of service. We have a talented team that can help make your next every door direct mail printing campaign smooth and successful. When sound direct marketing principles are employed, EDDM marketing works. Your results will depend on the quality of your offer and the value of your customer. We have seen it produce strong ROI for remodelors, realtors and retailers.

How does every door direct mail work?

The US Postal Service conceived the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Program as a cost-effective way for businesses, organizations and sales people to do saturation mailings in local marketing areas. These are unaddressed mailings where you can reach all residences and/or businesses in selected carrier routes. There is no list cost and no addressing cost. Every door direct mail gives you accessed to discounted postage rates. EDDM marketing is a great idea for businesses whose customers and/or prospects represent more than 50% of a carrier route. This program lets you convey your message to a high coverage area for a low price, making it a win-win for businesses and service providers.
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PrintComm’s Exclusive EDDM Tool

If you have a large network of franchisees, dealers, agents, or manufacturers then you’re going to love PrintComm’s EDDM Tool for every door direct mail efforts. Our exclusive and patent pending software automates selecting carrier routes for hundreds of locations within a couple of hours. Using manual methods, route selection can take 15 minutes per store on average to pick routes and generate paperwork. For a chain with 500 stores, that adds up to 100+ hours. Our process saves you time, money and gives you the ability to launch quick strike campaigns. This means your marketing team can spend more time working on other marketing initiatives and less time selecting routes and completing paperwork for each dealer, agent or franchisee.
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We Take Away the Headache by Doing All the Legwork

EDDM Services

  • We can generate art for all of your locations efficiently with our automation capabilities. No need for you to create versions for each location.
  • For retailers with many locations, our automatic route picking software can automate the task of picking routes and generating postal paperwork.
  • If you’re a corporation or franchisor who offers online direct mail programs to your dealers, agents or franchisees, we are able to incorporate route-picking software into your web to print sites.
  • Full service from start to finish. To make life easier for you, we take care of paperwork, bundle the mail and then deliver it to the Post Office saving you time and work!
  • Great pricing!
  • No 5,000 daily piece limit.

How Do Our EDDM Services Benefit You?

  • No mailing list necessary!
  • No addressing necessary
  • No permit necessary to run the program!
  • Huge saving on standard bulk mail rates!

Our USPS Commercial Plus Designation Saves You Time & Money

It doesn’t matter where you are. If you run a franchise, dealer or retail network, it doesn’t matter where they are. Why? Because PrintComm is a USPS Commercial Plus customer. We have earned this designation by doing large volumes of EDDM. That means we can use USPS expedited internal shipping methods to get your pieces to the local post offices, for a cost that is the same or less than what it would cost to ship the pieces to you or your various locations. We bundle the mail and ship it right to the various local post offices so you get the best rates. Interested in more than just EDDM services? Head over to our direct mail marketing page to discover all of the other direct mail marketing services we offer.
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