Variable Data Print (VDP)

Helps You Achieve True 1:1 Direct Mail

Relevant direct mail creates lift for all direct marketing campaign objectives: lead generation, lead nurturing, loyalty/retention and direct sales.* Variable data printing (VDP) technology enables you to achieve relevance in direct mail. PrintComm is one of the leading variable data printing companies in the US with a high degree of competence in data, direct marketing, USPS regulations, document engineering, and variable data printing services.

The benefits of variable data printing

In the past, marketers had printers produce static, high quality pieces on offset presses, in large quantities. The pieces were typically addressed at a mailing company or printer using inkjet addressing equipment. Thousands or millions of the same piece were printed and mailed with the same broad message and offers. This was economical but response rates and ROI weren’t as high as they could be because the pieces weren’t personalized. Digital print and accompanying software technology changed that reality. Relevant direct mail is achieved by employed by employing 1:1 principles and variable data printing. Every piece that rolls off the press can be unique for the individual recipient. In today’s world, variable data printing companies can produce one-off pieces that target the message to the individual, without sacrificing the quality of traditional offset printing. Savvy marketers realize that making messages, offers, images and timing relevant to the individual, based on demographic or psychographic characteristics, will create a higher response rate and ROI. To see an example of how we do it, you can review the variable data printing example toward the top of this page.

How variable data printing really works

PrintComm can take your creative elements, i.e. InDesign document, photos, content elements, and more, and engineer the document to include logic. We organize all of the elements. The logic defines the conditions that would pull in images, merge text, etc. When a properly formatted database is attached to a document, the logic will pull in the appropriate images, offers, messages and more, to created highly customized print files. This enables customization on a per piece level on the fly at the digital press. If you haven’t taken advantage of using variable data printing services and want to explore the powerful benefits of variable data printing, PrintComm would love to help you. If you used other variable data printing companies and it didn’t go well, our processes, systems and experience can provide you with the comfort and reliability you want.
Variable Data Print Sample 4
Variable Data Print Sample 3
Variable Data Print Sample 2

PrintComm possesses extraordinary expertise in the area of Variable Data Print. Our high competence in data, coupled with software tools and a talented team of programmers and designers, enable us to provide superior value to those who can benefit from this technology.

Here is a list of Data Driven Direct Mail Services we provide:

  • Variable Document Engineering
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) Service/Presort
  • Freight Analysis: Consolidation/Postal Logistics
  • Data Entry/Capture
  • Automation for Triggered Mailings
  • Merge/Purge Capabilities
  • Address Standardization
  • Creating Landing Pages/PURLs
  • Lists: Management/Cleaning
  • Project Execution

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